Welcome BSN Sports Webinar Series Coaches!

Ever find yourself wishing the "leaders" on your team would actually lead?

Ever get tired of hoping next year’s seniors will be better leaders for your program?

We’ve all been there. 

We work so hard to create something special in our programs, but whether it’s a lack of great role models on our roster, the finger-pointing when things get tough, or the inability of our kids to hold each other accountable, things can just slip away no matter how much potential your team has going into the season. And all this drama can completely suck the joy out of coaching.

The problem is we spend all this time learning the sport of wrestling and how to coach, but no ever teaches us how to consistently build great leaders that make our jobs easier and help our teams actually reach their potential.

The truth it's almost impossible to do it all by yourself.


We need allies and partners. We need athletes who will step up to the vision we have for our program and set the example for others. We need athletes who will put aside selfishness and entitlement, and put the team first. We need athletes who will hold each other accountable to the standards we set. 

The best coaches in the country spend years trying to get that right. But, what if there were some proven, repeatable strategies and tactics you could use to skip all the trial and error, and start moving your program from where it is to where you want it to be? 

I'm Pete Jacobson of WinSmarter and that’s exactly what we covered in my session for the BSN Sports Coaching Webinar Series:

The X-Factor: Build a never-ending pipeline of amazing leaders on your team

  • How to consistently develop wrestlers who elevate your program, hold teammates accountable, and make your life easier...even if that's always been a struggle
  • The four-step blueprint for completely committed leaders every single year…and how they can create a Championship Culture on your team right now
  • Step-by-step breakdowns of the most impactful & effective leadership-building tactics you can steal this season

You can access the video recording of my session, all the slides, and a bunch of other free resources to help you implement everything we talked about.

Just let me know where to send it.

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