“It's so frustrating to coach the team and feel like some kids just don't listen.” 

“Our team could be so much better if some of our kids were just more coachable.”

“It’s like they just insist on doing things their way no matter what I tell them. It’s not like we never talk about this stuff, but sometimes it feels like it’s just 'in one ear and out the other' for some of these guys.”

“Coaching would be so much easier if these kids weren’t so stubborn.”

As a youth or high school coach, we can’t control they types of kids who come out for our team, and sometimes the best kids we have are the least coachable.

It can drive you crazy saying the same thing to a kid over and over again only to see no change in their actions.

The good news is there’s a simple way we can get all of our kids on the same page, no matter who we’re coaching or what the situation might be. 

We just need to know the right way to get the message to them. 

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