How to Build Tough Wrestlers right now.

Develop Champions and Keep All Your Wrestlers Motivated


"Keep your wrestlers focused on the process of wrestling tough with the AttackStyle Stats system... and save hours doing it."

How much easier would your job be if you could turn every wrestler on your team into an Attack Style Machine?

AttackStyle Stats keep kids motivated and focused on the process of wrestling tough.

If you've read about our AttackStyle Stats on Coach Daryl Weber's site, than you know what it's all about.


  • Keep all your wrestlers motivated all season long - even during the grind of mid-January!
  • Let your newer and less-skilled wrestlers see success RIGHT NOW by focusing on the process of wrestling tough!
  • Create wrestlers locked-in every match on competing like aggressive, dominant champions!

You Talked and We Listened: 

"I know this is exactly what my kids need, but how can I implement this system Without Adding Hours to My Day?"

With the AttackStyle Stats System, we've done just that.

We've created a completely integrated, start-to-finish solution for you to rapidly add AttackStyle Stats into your program and start seeing results immediately.

Keep it simple: Ready to print "Bout Sheets" and simple data entry screen.

Printable charts allow you to quickly see where your team needs work.

Auto-generated Print-N-Post Leaderboard keeps your team motivated.

What you get:
Coachable wrestlers focused on the process of wrestling tough.

  1. You'll get a Microsoft Excel file with all the pages you need to implement the entire system.
  2. Save hours of tedious sorting, cutting and pasting with our automatically generated Leaderboard. Click one button to create. Click one button to print. Done.
  3. All pages pre-formatted and ready to print. No wasting time trying to adjust the print area or make it all fit on one page.

How much is your time worth to get the results you want?

This one-time purchase will save you hours each season and finally give you a way to keep all your kids focused and motivated the whole season. Now imagine saving 10+ hours every single season - how much is that worth to you?

Feel comfortable knowing that the answers to any questions you have about the system or the easiest and best ways to use it are always just an email away -

Let's work together to create tougher wrestlers, tougher kids and help build champions on the mat and in life.

Get the AttackStyle Stats system now and start changing your program for good!

The one-time price of $49 gives you everything you need to implement the entire system quickly and seamlessly without monopolizing your time.

Each System is custom sent to your email. Please allow 24 hours to receive - I'll get it out as quick as I can!

Questions? No problem! Shoot me an email at

"Anyone can teach wrestling moves. It's the coaches who can motivate all their kids and keep them focused on the process of getting better that create Champions on the mat and in life. ”

P.S.: I'm always available by email to answer any questions you might have, however once the season get's going, it's going to be hard for me to keep answering questions from new coaches.

To make sure I'm available to help our users, I'm shutting down new sales after Friday 12/2.

Get in now if you're interested or you'll have to wait till next year!