The best hour you'll spend this week?

Hey coaches,

I'm Pete Jacobson and I’m psyched to have the opportunity to present a free online coaching clinic for you guys this week on behalf of the National Wrestling Coaches Association and sponsored by the United States Marine Corps.

We’ll be talking about Building Champions: Creating a culture of commitment and mental toughness this year.

When you tune in, you’ll learn:

  • The ABCs of true intrinsic motivation: using psychology to your advantage
  • The unexpected “hack” to build mental toughness
  • Where to start: the concrete first steps to build your system right now

And a lot more… you’ll leave with practical strategies, tactics and tips you can use in your program to have a greater impact on the kids you coach and win more in the process.

For those of you who make the webinar I’ll also be sending you some additional resources you can use to start the process right now, including an eBook detailing ten of the most unique, impactful strategies you can use to build a dominant culture in your program, and a lot more.

I know we’re all sitting at home right now, not able to run practices or meet with our teams - it’s driving me nuts! - but right now is also an amazing opportunity to learn, improve and lay the groundwork we all need to really build our programs this coming year. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity together. 

The webinar will run two times - this Wednesday 5/6 and Tuesday 5/12 at 7:30 PM each day. We’re keeping it to one hour to make sure it’s user-friendly for you and to absolutely maximize the value you get from it. 

My goal is to make this the most valuable hour of your day!

You can register here:

Click here to register.

Hope to see you there, guys! Feel free to email me with any questions at


P.S. There's another free webinar next week with Dr. Dennis Johnson covering Long-Term Athletic Development: Age-Appropriate Training/Competition Guidelines. You can register for that session right here!