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Just to remind you, we’ll be starting right at 7:30 PM EDT this Wednesday 5/6 and Sunday 5/10 and we’ll be in and out in an hour to keep it convenient for you.

We’ll be talking about Building Champions: Creating a culture of commitment and mental toughness this year.

When you tune in, you’ll learn:

  • The ABCs of true intrinsic motivation: using psychology to your advantage
  • The unexpected “hack” to build mental toughness
  • Where to start: the concrete first steps to build your system right now

And a lot more… you’ll leave with practical strategies, tactics and tips you can use in your program to have a greater impact on the kids you coach and win more in the process.

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  1. For coaches who make it to the webinar, I’ll be sending out a bunch of additional resources you can use to start the process right now, including an eBook detailing ten of the most unique, impactful strategies you can use to build a dominant culture in your program, and a lot more. So, make sure to mark your calendar, set a reminder on your phone and make sure to bring a notebook!
  2. Our goal is to make this session as valuable as possible, so we’re customizing it to what *YOU* need! Please email me any questions you have on this topic or let me know where you’re struggling here. We’ll do our best to address your questions during the webinar! I’m at

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