Welcome Wrestling Mindset Leadership Conference Coaches!

Ever run a mat session or lift in the off-season, and found yourself asking why you took the time, when only a few of your kids even bothered showing up?

Ever sat in the corner watching one of your kids blow another match he should’ve won and wondered why he won’t just wrestle a bit tougher?

We’ve all been there.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that all this stuff can be tied back to the culture of our program. The problem is we spend all this time learning the sport of wrestling and how to coach, but no ever teaches us how to build a championship culture.

It’s just one of those things we see in certain programs - you know the ones! - and so we figure we can just make it happen in our program too.

Only it doesn’t usually work out that way. Instead of getting a culture by design, most programs are just getting a culture by default. And that’s not usually a championship culture.

The best coaches in the country spend years trying to get that right. But, what if there were some proven, repeatable strategies and tactics you could use to skip all the trial and error, and start moving your program from where it is to where you want it to be?

I'm Pete Jacobson of WinSmarter and that’s exactly what we covered in my session at the Wrestling Mindset Virtual Leadership Conference:

Building a Dominant Culture…and doing it quickly

  • How to use your culture as a secret weapon to build commitment, resilience and mental toughness…even if that’s always been a struggle
  • The two rock-solid pillars of a Championship Culture…and how to make them part of your program today
  • Step-by-step breakdowns of the most impactful & effective culture-building tactics you can steal this season

You can access the video recording of my session, all the slides, and a bunch of other free resources to help you implement everything we talked about.

Just let me know where to send it.

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