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Today I’m gonna talk about a lot of great tactics and strategies that should be super-useful for you!

In fact, I’m *literally* going to talk - I was recently a guest on my friend Craig Haworth’s Winning Youth Coaching Podcast.

It was great talking coaching with Craig and we went really deep on some very actionable stuff you guys will appreciate! In fact, I thought the interview would be about 40 minutes, but we ended up going for over an hour and 15 minutes!

There’s some great stuff in here that I haven’t written about before, and we tried our best to keep it focused on areas that would be most helpful to you guys.

To make it even easier and save you some time (and in case you want to skip around), I threw together some time-stamped notes below, so you can either listen all the way through or jump to what most sparks your interest!


You can check out the podcast right on the Winning Youth Coaching site or follow the links they provide to listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play.

Please take a listen at the gym, in your car or wherever you listen to podcasts…

I’d love to know what you think and what areas you’d like to hear more about! Please shoot me an email and let me know!

Give it a listen here:

What we cover:

  • 2:15 -  My story and background and how I got into coaching
  • 9:10 - The biggest mistakes I made earlier in my career (and the lessons I took from those mistakes that still help me every single day - I definitely cringe to think about some of this stuff!)
  • 17:30 - The best things I’ve learned about how to effectively teach sports skills to kids and still keep it fun (and keep your kids engaged everyday!)
  • 23:30 - Some really cool things we do to positively reinforce our kids being great teammates.
  • 28:00 - An easy way for you to see the tremendous impact your words and actions can have on your kids (even years after they’ve left your team).
  • 31:30 - The #1 thing we do to get our coaches thinking about the importance of their words and actions (and get them totally fired up for the season!)
  • 35:00 - The thee ROCK SOLID pillars of developing mental toughness in all kids (no matter how young they are).
  • 46:00 - How to get my FREE gift for WYC listeners: “Creating an Environment of Growth Through Failure - The Top 3 Strategies You Need to Know.”
  • 47:30 - The reason developing a clear set of values and philosophy is the most important thing you can do to ultimately win more games (and build better kids and turn parents and administrators into raving fans of your program!)
  • 54:40 - A few of the most powerful things we’ve done to build an amazing team culture in our program.
  • 69:45 - Some of my favorite books and quotes on coaching (Love this stuff!)
  • 78:50 - Some parting thoughts: the one thing I really needed to hear earlier in my career.

About the Author

Pete Jacobson has been a varsity HS coach in New York for over 20 years. He works with coaches of all levels through WinSmarter to help them build Championship Cultures in all parts of their programs, have a greater positive impact and go home happy. Check out 10 Insanely Powerful Tactics for an Amazing Team Culture for some of the most unique, impactful tactics you can use to build a Championship Culture quickly.

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